On March 2, 2017, at Wintersport – We would like to officially thank everyone for coming out to tonight’s Alumni Game! With everyone’s help, we raised $1350 for Rick Bennett!!! This includes the sign-ups, sale of merchandise, donations and Harvey LaBlanc very generously donating his 50/50 winnings to Rick! Thank you very much!

It was a fantastic game with 34 players giving it their all in a back and forth contest. We’d like to thank everyone for attending as we had a lot of friends and family in the stands watching. We’d also like to thank everyone for donating their time and energy to make this game happen including Rick Gallagher who worked with the SHSHL to get the ice slot donated to us and getting the game started, Andrew Andrijiwskyj and his family for managing sign-ups, the table at the front door and photos, David Andrzejewski for donating his time and energy to be our referee, Greg Brace for managing the clock during the game (and the two helpers in the box with him), and Kevin Meyers for making up jerseys for the game on the FB page for some alumni.

Again, thank you to everyone. If you could not attend the game, you can still donate to Rick Bennett’s GoFundMe page which is located over here: https://www.gofundme.com/support-ricks-recovery

There is also a Beef and Beer for him this Saturday night.
Also Jack Forbes netted this years MVP awards with a few key goals! Congratulations Jack!

Photos from tonight’s game can be found here, 1400 photos. I promise I will cut this down to the top 50 photos for the FB page. https://greatsave9.smugmug.com/…/2017-03-02-Archbishop-Woo…/

Thank you very much!
-Andrew Andrijiwskyj