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1972 – The First Year for Wood Ice Hockey History

From the earliest days of the Suburban High School League, students from Archbishop Wood High school have participated in the program with distinction.

During the leagues infant year, 1972-1973 when the only eligibility rule was that the players attend a high school, four Vikings skated for the Willow Grove team. By 1974 there were 25 Wood Students playing and they constituted the first “pure” high school team in the league. This first Viking team carried out banner well and will be long remembered for the enthusiasm, skill and high standard of conduct they brought to the game as they skated to within one game of the league championship.

Now in our third season as a team, the Viking Ice Hockey Club numbers 56 boys skating on three teams, one at varsity level and two at the junior varsity level.

The number of boys involved in the program is impressive but they along with the staff working with, Doug Burns, Ray Reinl, Jim Spinello, Hank Fox and John Boyle know that quality, not quantity is goal. To this end, we are dedicated to developing players that by their conduct, on and off the ice and their skill in playing the game will bring honor to the teams and the school community.

-Ray Reinl

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